Given access to a .22 at the age of 12, I perforated many bottle caps and old tin cans as an adolescent.

My college had a mandatory ROTC program, with the Army providing me access to a 50 foot indoor range, a rack of fine target rifles, and all the ammo that I could shoot - for the princely sum of $1 per year. The range master taught me, and many others, the basics of rifle marksmanship.

Although only a casual hunter, the shooting sports continued to engage me as my life unfolded. Pistols and eventually shotguns provided interesting new diversions. I fired tens of thousands of shots in target games. Many firearms ran through my hands.

Reloading with cast bullets swelled from an early background role into a current passion. Sometimes I wonder if I reload to shoot, or if I shoot to reload.

I have greatly enjoyed this rich mix, and would like to share some of my experiences with you. Along the way, I plan to become acquainted with HTML5 and CSS3 programming.

Life is so intreresting. Enjoy yours!