Ideal 311413

"The Squib", or 311413, was described in the 1929 Ideal catalog as "perhaps the most accurate gas check bullet yet produced". Subsequent experience has shown that it has a rather restricted flight envelope, with accuracy deteriorating rapidly over about 1450 fps. Below that, it will consistently shoot one hole groups at fifty yards. Move out to 100, though, and mine look more like this:

Target showing 1.75 inch 100 yard group.

6.5 grains of Bullseye fills less than 20% of the .30-06 case, so if you decide to duplicate this light target load, please be very careful that you don't load a double charge. The trajectory recalls a baseball, but if you are shooting at known ranges where you can dial in the sights, it can be lots of fun. There is almost no recoil or muzzle blast. It does have a tendency to tease, printing tight clusters before throwing a flyer (damn that Gaussian distribution!). Still, 1.75 MOA remains respectable.