A Special .38!

Here's my little S&W Model 37, on the scale with a full charge of ammo: One pound, one ounce!

Scales show that the loaded pistol weights one poun one ounce.

That finish, by the way, is Robar's NP3+, which I highly recommend.

The cartridges are handloads, with 3.0 grains Bullseye under a Mountain Molds 195 grain cast bullet, seated to a COL of 1.545", which just about fills the cylinder. Yes, I am aware that most shooters would select a light bullet and push it as fast as possible - but sectional density trumps velocity, if the goal is deep penetration.

Importantly, these heavy for caliber bullets are also pleasant to shoot, without the sharp recoil of "hot" high velocity loads. As a nice bonus, the point of impact is right where the sights are looking. Here's a 10 yard target:

Image of .38 Special target.