Enjoy your .44 Magnum

Most folk who reload cast bullets for their rifles do the same for their pistols, and I'll bet that ten pistol shots are fired for every rifle round. My little .44 Magnum Vaquero lay on the shelf unused for far too long, because I don't need wrist numbing full house loads. Recently I decided to develop a nice "all purpose" (read: primarily target & plinking) load for it, and this transformed the revolver for me. I now enjoy it greatly, so I thought I should share this with you, as it is really quite simple to load this powerful pistol down to .41 Colt levels.

Have Tom at Accurate Molds make you a mold for his 43-185B wadcutter. Cast this with alloy that is about BHN 12 or so. Load it over 6.3 grains of 700-X (that's what my RCBS Little Dandy measure throws, with a #13 rotor). Crimp in the groove. This gives, in my short 3 3/4" barrel, 860 fps.

Do check the throw weight of your rotor, as it may vary, from sample to sample.

.44 revolver.

You can see from this 10 yard target that I am not a pistolero, but I enjoyed the outing nevertheless! The beast is tamed - recoil is negligible. Have fun.