Praise for the .410 bore

Elmer Keith:
"We never could see much if any excuse for a .410 bore gun."

Bob Brister:
"Only the central portion of a .410 pattern is effective and sometimes it has holes. The fringe is ragged and thin. To break good scores a shooter must be either lucky a lot of the time or dead center most of the time."

Bruce Buck:
"If you can break anything with that popgun, you're doing swell."

"The tiny .410 can be loads of fun on the skeet range. These little guns have no recoil whatsoever, so there is no fatigue involved, and your shoulder never gets sore. Yes, you will miss targets that a 12 or a 20 would have tagged - but the satisfaction of the hits that you do make will more than compensate.

Forget the perfection of 100 straight - instead of a monotonous game of misses, the .410 bore converts skeet into an exciting game of hits. You expect to smoke them with a 12 - but there's a quiet satisfaction when you get that puff of dust with a tiny gun."